Hello everyone I am Tushar Patel, participant of Google code-in. 

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I am participating in google code-in because it sounds me challenging.

I came to know about Google code-in from my friend and I checked it out, and got myself registered in google code-in .There is a link provided through which i got further knowledge about the tasks and more basics about the google code-in.

I participated in Google code-in because it is a platform to learn something new and to improve our knowledge by discussions among mentors and participants on!forum/gci-discuss. I hope that I will get to learn more new things in future and get a chance to expand my knowledge.

Google code-in is the best way to improve knowledge related to computers and is further progressed by getting different projects from many organizations like Sugar labs, Drupal,etc. Google code-in helps us to explore creativity.

There are 1000+ tasks. I chose my first task on Sugar labs which was about making of blog post and sharing it on social media. I got 3 days for the completion of task. Since i was a beginner and new to it, i was facing many challenges and hurdles at various points. At many points my guiding mentor helped me in different ways at various levels and helped me get through and I finally completed my first task on sugar labs.And the link of my earlier task  is I shared  it on a social networking site facebook the link is This is the image of my first task approval which i received on my Gmail

And finally I got the notification from Google code-in about the completion of my first task and with the end of that task, it boosted my morale to take another task.



For my second task i chose  Drupal because it seems to be an interesting task and since i am new to Drupal so its taking my interest deep into itself for learning into more things.

Drupal is content management software. It is used to make many of the websites and applications . Drupal has great standard features, like easy content authoring, reliable performance, and excellent security. But what sets it apart is its flexibility; modularity.

Drupal is a free and open source content management framework and it also provides the  collection of tools that learners can use to explore, create, and reflect. It distributes these tools freely and encourages user for learning new innovative things. It helps learner all around the globe to keeping learning something new everytime.

It’s also a great choice for creating integrated digital frameworks.

GCI students’ documentation also helped me a lot through the link provided by Drupal.


Drupal provides further assistance to people through its website, .

I found it more interesting than i thought of. I love and thanks Drupal for providing me best assistance.



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